White Hibiscus


Chinese Bai Mu Dan(White Peony) White Tea Leaves carefully plucked and blended with the very best Hibiscus makes glorious combination. Delicate and floral in flavor and aroma. 

Origin: China

Ingredients: Bai mu dan White Tea leaves, hibiscus, cornflowers, rose hips, lychee, goji berries and cabernet flowers.

Caffeine Rating: Light

Steeping Instructions: Temperature 165 degrees, Steep 3 Minutes


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White hibiscus

Wow! Soooo good! I was a little hesitant to try this because I thought it might taste like a flower! My Dr recommended I drink it to help lower my blood pressure. So I trusted Shawn and Beleave Teas and ordered it. Boy was I surprised! It's so mild and soooo good! Not at all like a flower!! Highly recommend.
Posted by Cindy, Aug 5th 2019

My favorite white tea!

This is such an interesting tea! The scent of the leaf is this combination of floral fruity sweetness that smells like bubblegum to me! The name of the tea is very misleading, as the tea does not have a thick, tart hibiscus flavor at all; it brews up a yellow color, and is a very light, sweet tea. It has a sort of sweet, lychee flavor with a lot of floral notes, and the scent wafting up from the cup reminds me of flower blooms in a warm breeze. The tea almost has a candy-like quality to it from the sweetness of the combined fruit and floral notes. This is one of my favorite floral teas, hands down. It just has such a unique flavor. It also makes an amazing iced tea, which I enjoy preparing as a cold brew! The only thing to be mindful of is this tea can be a bit fussy about water temperature and steep time; I find the flavor is best when it is prepared delicately, so I use 160 degree F water and a brisk two minute steep. Using water even a little warmer and a steep a little longer (175 degree F with a three minute steep) tends to bring out a slightly more tart finish to the drink… which isn’t necessarily bad, but isn’t my preferred way of taking this one. This tea remains one of my favorite white tea blends, it's simply lovely!
Posted by Alita, Feb 8th 2018