Beleave Teas is delighted to offer a variety of loose black tea blends made with fine quality ingredients. For thousands of years, tea drinkers have enjoyed the diverse array of benefits that result from making black tea a regular part of a healthy diet. If you’re searching for a delicious gourmet loose leaf tea experience, welcome — we make teas you can BELEAVE in.


The Power of Loose Leaf Black Tea

Black tea comes from the fully oxidized leaves of the Camellia sinensis plant. The fresh leaves of the same plant are known as green tea. Black tea is proven to improve cognitive skills such as learning and memory. Black tea also enhances alertness and information-processing abilities. People who suffer from headaches often turn to black tea to relieve pain.

Black tea produces other important health benefits as well. With regular consumption, black tea helps to lower blood pressure and reduces the risks associated with heart disease, including hardened arteries and heart attack. Black tea also lowers the risk of developing deadly cancers of the lung, stomach, breast, ovaries and colon. People who suffer from gastrointestinal ailments such as vomiting and diarrhea sometimes turn to black tea to relieve uncomfortable symptoms as well.

Although store-bought black tea may contain the same ingredients as some of our teas, these average-quality blends do not offer the same health benefits of fine quality loose leaf tea. Pre-packaged brands rarely contain the full leaves required to release the antioxidants necessary to gain the full health benefits of black tea. In addition pre-packaged teas are usually stale and cannot completely unfurl in the bag. The result is a less aromatic and less healthy tea.

Beleave Loose Leaf Teas

Beleave Teas offers many delicious varieties of black tea blends that come from the finest plantations of the world. 

Trust Beleave Teas

With Beleave Teas you can discover the unparalleled experience of brewing and drinking a fine quality loose leaf tea. You’ll be excited to make loose leaf tea a regular part of your healthy diet, and you won’t ever want to buy tea from the grocery store again!

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