Sweet & Spicy


This sweet Rooibos Herbal Tea is blended with spices for a lovely alternative to the traditional Indian Assam Chai. Because it is naturally without caffeine, you can enjoy it anytime of day.

Origin: South Africa

Ingredients: Rooibos Leaves, black pepper, cloves, ginger, cinnamon chips, cardamom and vanilla.

Caffeine Rating: None

Steeping Instructions: Temperature 208 degrees, Steep 5-8 Minutes



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Best of Both Worlds!!

What can I say except this is the simply the best of both worlds!! Beleave Teas "Sweet and Spicy" has all of those wonderful chai spiced flavors...and zero caffine!! Now I can finally get my chai fix in the evening without being up all night. You are going to want to brew a pot, grab your favorite book, a cozy blanket...and snuggle in. Let the warm chai spices envelop your senses and soothe the stresses of the day away!!
Posted by Simon, Apr 6th 2018

Exactly what the name says!

I think this is my favorite Beleave tea... but then again, there are so many favorites that I keep changing my mind! I love that it's herbal, because I drink it all day long. I love the hint of spice in this tea!
Posted by Shari, Apr 5th 2018