Iced Tea Blends


All teas can be served as iced tea. It’s all according to your personal taste. Many people that grew up drinking sweet iced tea in the south look for that dark amber color that typically comes from a black tea. This is only the tip of the iceberg however. Many herbal blends make wonderful refreshing iced teas that are naturally without caffeine. Greens and whites yield iced teas with a light and delicate flavor. The large rolled leaves of Oolong teas unfurl to produce interesting and complex flavors in an iced tea.

One method of making iced tea is called “Cold Brewing”. It draws the flavor out of the leaf slowly rather than more traditional brewing. Of course anytime you brew loose leaf tea you are gaining a whole host of healthful benefits. These benefits are on a much larger scale than what can be expected from store bought tea bags. This is because typically the tea fannings or dust that are used to fill the tea bags are of a much lower quality and thus produce lower quality results. Just remember that as with any food or beverage, tea has a shelf life. Iced tea needs to stay in the refrigerator and should be consumed within three days. Click here for our easy to follow Cold Brew Iced Tea Recipe

Nearly all of our teas and herbals can be Cold Brewed to make a delicious iced tea. The following list of teas, however, are our most popular choices for the Cold Brew method and receive rave reviews time and time again.

Soak Up the Sun: Our Award Winning Ice Tea! Full of flavor and extremely refreshing.

Zest For Life: A sweet Rooibos herbal that is naturally sweet and perfect iced.

Apricot Goodness: Apricot aroma and flavor make this green tea delicious hot or iced.

Feeling Peachy: One of our most popular green teas. Fresh tasting with peachy notes.

Strawberry Boost: A fruity and delicious iced Oolong tea. Fresh strawberries make a wonderful addition.

Rosy Rhubarb: Rhubarb pieces, rose petals and large Oolong tea leaves make this choice for iced tea extremely aromatic.

A Note About Sun Tea

Many people like the idea of “Sun Tea” which means using the energy of the sun to steep tea leaves. However, tea made by tea bags or loose leaf tea placed in glass jars of water and then left in the sun, can harbor bacteria that can make you ill. According to the Centers for Disease Control, using the sun’s rays to make tea can facilitate the growth of a bacteria called Alcaligenes Viscolactis. The water sitting in the jar on your porch will not get any hotter than 130 degrees, this simply is not hot enough to kill this bacteria. It would need to be at least 195 degrees for three to five minutes. It’s therefore best to brew your tea the traditional way or to give Cold Brewing a try.

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