Raspberry Honeybush


Honeybush leaves which are similar to Rooibos, brew a honey-sweet Herbal Tea that can be likened to hot raspberry jam.

Origin: South Africa

Ingredients: Honeybush Leaves, blackberry leaves, goji berries and botanical extracts.

Caffeine Rating: None

Steeping Instructions: Temperature 208 degrees, Steep 5-8 Minutes


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Wow!! How can a cup of tea be so decadent?!?! Heavenly as an evening tea! One of my favorites!
Posted by Ruth, Jun 12th 2018

What a great name!

I actually was attracted to this tea because of the name, but stayed for the delightful flavor! It's delicate, a bit sweet, and one of my favorites!
Posted by Shari, Apr 5th 2018

So Flavorful!

From the very first sip of the raspberry honey bush herbal tea. I knew this tea was the best I ever tasted. I'm real picky about my tea. The flavors came through so surprisingly unexpected. Calming flavorful.
Posted by Carol, Jul 17th 2017

Kids will love this!

I like this tea when I need a change from Strawberry Boost. Plus, it's an herbal tea so it's kid-friendly! My boys are becoming fans of tea thanks to options like these.
Posted by Stacie Hines, Jun 22nd 2017

tea review

If you like raspberries, you have to try this tea. It is like a dessert.
Posted by AMBER C PRICE, Jun 22nd 2017