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The healing power of tea is recognized in cultures around the world. Although not every tea is created equal, Beleave Teas is delighted to offer probiotic dark loose leaf tea for sale that is made from the finest ingredients in the world. When you buy loose leaf tea from Beleave Teas, you’ll understand why we are the loose leaf tea company you can BELEAVE in.

The Power of Probiotics

Inside the human digestive system lives millions of varieties of bacteria. Some bacteria cause disease. Others improve immunity, heart health, bone strength and overall well-being. The foods we eat feed these bacteria. Although the medical community is still far away from understanding the unique roles that each bacterium play in health, we do know that people who have greater numbers of good-for-you bacteria are more likely to have better overall health. You can influence your health by making probiotic dark loose leaf tea a regular part of your diet.

Probiotics are live bacteria that are established health boosters. These live cultures are found in foods such as yogurt. They are also found in probiotic dark teas from Beleave Teas. Unlike consuming probiotics through food, when you choose probiotic loose leaf tea from Beleave Teas, you’ll enjoy a chemical-free and calorie-free drinking experience. Best of all, you’ll also love how our probiotic teas taste and smell.

Beleave Teas chooses natural ingredients from the world’s finest estates when creating our delicious health blends. You’ll discover that we carefully choose and package our teas with care and personalized attention. You’ll also love the incredibly fresh taste and comforting aroma. If you’re new to loose leaf tea, you’ll love brewing your perfect cup — the loose leaf tea ritual is one that cultures around the world have enjoyed for centuries!

Holistic Hearts Tea

As the most recognizable and distinctive probiotic tea from Beleave Teas, our Holistic Hearts tea can help smooth digestion. You’ll love the smooth taste and sweet aroma that comes from our heart-shaped, compressed black tea leaves. Grown in the Hunan province of China, we blend these dark black leaves with rose petals to provide an unparalleled scent and taste experience.

With a medium caffeine rating, you’ll find our Holistic Hearts tea is neither too weak nor too strong. Steep Holistic Hearts in boiling water for the best flavor and aroma results.

Probiotic Puerh Tea

Probiotic Puerh is a Chinese dark tea grown in the Yunnan province region. It’s strong and smooth, with a flavorful and somewhat spicy taste. With elements of peppermint, licorice and clove, you’ll love drinking the slightly spicy Probiotic Puerh. Probiotic Puerh also has a medium caffeine rating. Steep for 30 seconds for a milder flavor, or up to 30 minutes to bring out the distinctive tastes and aroma this blend is known for.

Discover the Loose Tea Difference

When you’re ready to turn a cup of tea into a ritual that will relax and rejuvenate you, choose Beleave Teas. We make teas you can BELEAVE in!

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