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If you’re new to loose leaf tea, then chances are you’ve guessed that brewing the perfect cup means more than adding hot water to a mug. The right loose leaf tea accessories make the difference between a so-so, stale store-bought tea and an unparalleled flavor experience that provides enhanced health and wellness benefits. Get started with loose leaf gourmet tea essentials, or explore our products for tea connoisseurs. Either way, Beleave Teas has what you need to brew your ideal cup of tea.

Brewing Loose Leaf Tea

For many fine quality tea drinkers, the ritual of brewing the ideal cup of tea is nearly as soothing as drinking the tea itself. The flavors of loose leaf tea — as well as the hints of ingredients such as rose petals, orange peel, licorice, cinnamon and others — reveal themselves fully when using whole or loose leaves, good quality water and the right accessories. Loose leaf tea, when prepared properly, unfurls completely to reveal a complex blend of flavors and aromas that are much higher in essential oils, vitamins and minerals.

Beginners and those who make tea on the road will likely appreciate in-cup infusers that reduce mess while still offering the benefits of loose leaf tea. Beleave Teas offers both lidded tea infusers that can be used in a mug or a ceramic tea pot, as well as a TeaZe infuser perfect for making a cup elegantly and easily. Choose an unbleached and biodegradable hemp sack for brewing, or purchase a stump teapot with infuser and hinged lid. You can also purchase a loose leaf tea sampler and buy a starter kit that has everything you need to enjoy your first loose leaf tea brewing experience.

Our loose leaf tea accessories include:

• A space-saving stump teapot perfect for brewing everything from fine loose leaf teas as well as whole leaf teas

• The All-in-One Beleaver Kit, which features a Timolino Gravity Pot, large T-Sac Filters for iced teas, a special recipe for iced tea, a Lidded Infuser, 3 loose leaf teas and a special book that will teach you everything a beginner needs to know about tea

• The Beleave Sampler, a selection of 6 fine quality loose leaf teas

• T-Sacs, available in small sizes for mugs and large sizes for making large pitchers of cold brew iced teas, a chlorine-free and entirely biodegradable hemp solution for brewing perfect hot or iced tea

• Finum Brewing Baskets, a must-have accessory for those who need to make tea on the road conveniently in a mug or ceramic tea pot

• The Timolino Gravity Pot, an elegant way to brew tea by the cup with ease

• Breville One-Touch Tea Maker: This revolutionary tea maker is truly one of a kind. It can be programmed for the type of tea that you are making and the strength of the brew. Not only does it heat the water to the correct temperature, it lowers the infuser to start the brewing and lifts it up again when the correct amount of time has passed. Just press the button and walk away. Its sleek design lends beauty to any kitchen or office. This is a must have for dedicated tea drinkers that want to brew larger quantities of teas with ease.

Teas You Can BELEAVE In

At Beleave Teas, we are committed to providing you with gourmet loose leaf tea accessories and blends from the finest sources in the world. Our loose leaf tea blends contain a variety of leaves and other fresh ingredients that offer an unparalleled aroma and flavor experience, and because you’re choosing loose leaf tea over pre-bagged varieties, you’re also enjoying enhanced health and wellness benefits. Quite simply, when you trust our loose leaf teas and accessories, you’re getting products you can BELEAVE in.


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