Cinnamon Orange Spice Sachet


Cinnamon is the star in this delectable and spicy Tea blend. The Ceylon Black Tea leaves give a bright and full flavor with a subtle citrus finish.

Ingredients: Full Leaf Ceylon Tea Leaves, cinnamon chips, orange peel and orange botanical extracts.

Amount: 20 Individual Tea Sachets

Caffeine Rating: Medium

Steeping Instructions: Bring the water to about 200 degrees. Steep for 3-5 minutes. 



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Cinnamon and orange - what more could you want!

I have loved this tea combination from many producers, but THIS version is fabulous. Some producers have the tea too overpowering (like eating cinnamon from a spoon) but Beleave got the combination just right. You have the touches of both cinnamon and orange, but neither overpowers the other - and makes a tea you can drink any time of day and love it!
Posted by Shari, Apr 5th 2018