What I want for Mother's Day

As Mother's Day quickly approaches, I want remind you that our brand new website is alive and kicking with some great gift ideas for Mom.

I know as a Mommy Entrepreneur, the one thing I am always craving is relaxation time. There simply never seems to be enough.

One of MY favorite things to do is sneak away to a quiet corner with my favorite book and a cup of Tea. Even the couple of minutes that it takes to steep my favorite Tea of the moment, gives me a chance to breathe a little more deeply and take in the aroma. Ahhhh yessss.

Our Relaxation Tea Kit consists entirely of Herbal Teas that will help you Find Your Inner Zen.

Our Special Iced Tea Blends are the perfect way to refresh yourself as we approach summer.

And finally don't forget that for a limited time, actually just a few more days, I am including a FREE Tea Ball with every order! What better reason is there to do you're Mother's Day shopping with us. 

Happy Sipping,