Three Delectable Teas to Pair with your Thanksgiving Dinner and Make it Unforgettable.

Thanksgiving is here and most menus will include a variety of main dishes, sides and of course desserts. Some people will choose traditional recipes that have been handed down through generations, others will be trying new dishes that they just found on Pinterest. My family usually does a potluck style menu that takes some of the pressure off the host. The chosen host handles the turkey and potatoes and the rest is brought by guests. 

Whatever menu is yours, this year you should definitely include a Tea or two to complement what I know is going to be a fabulous meal.

Pairing the proper Tea with the proper food can sound a little intimidating, but it really isn't that hard. The biggest thing to remember is that the Tea and the food must complement, improve and enhance each other. A stronger more astringent Tea can kill the taste of a light and delicate food and conversely, a delicate light Tea can be completely overpowered by a heavy, spicy food. 

To help you make your choices I have put together some very general pairing examples. Remember however, that there are always exceptions.

  • White Teas: alone
  • Japanese Green Teas: Fish and Fried Food
  • Chinese Green Teas: Noodles, Steamed and Broiled Vegetables, Fish, Soft and Creamy Desserts and Fresh Fruit
  • Oolong Teas: Alone or with Basic Pastry, Plain Chocolate, Honey and Nuts
  • Black Teas: Cheese, Meats such as Ham, Beef or Pork, Cold Food, Pasta, Sweets, Jams, Pastries and Spicy Foods
  • Dark Teas: Very Spicy Food, Very Oily and Fatty Food and Mushrooms

Now as you can see from the list above, Black Teas and Dark Teas are most likely going to be your go to Teas for a typical Thanksgiving Dinner. These two Types of Tea are more robust and pair nicely with heavier foods. In fact, Puerh Teas are excellent during and even after heavy meals and help to settle the stomach and ease digestion. 

My three recommendations to make your Thanksgiving Dinner unforgettable are below.

  1. Probiotic Puerh This is the perfect after dinner Tea. The savory flavor notes and natural probiotics help the digestive system work through all of the Turkey and fixings.
  2. Vivacious Orange This robust Black Tea will be delicious hot or iced with your meal. The citrus notes and light astringency will help to cut through the fattier foods with ease.
  3. Rosy Rhubarb This lighter Tea is an excellent dessert pairing. The fruity notes will blend nicely with sweets of all kinds.

There are endless possibilities when it comes to Tea and food pairings, but I hope this will get you started and take away some of the angst.

Once you get started, you will be experimenting with all sorts of pairings. 

Happy Thanksgiving!