The Biggest Mistake People Make When Buying a Tea Ball

Are you one of those people that loves the ease of a Tea Ball when brewing your favorite cup? If you are, then you are not alone. Stainless steel Tea Balls are a wonderful invention that are versatile, portable and inexpensive.

This glowing recommendation however does come with a caveat. 


Too many of the Tea Balls that I have seen being used are just too small. Sometimes only one inch across. This simply will not do. Tea Leaves need room. It takes time and space for Tea Leaves to unfurl their goodness. When they do, you are rewarded with the very best flavor, aroma and health benefits in your cup. 

There are definitely many choices when you start to look for Tea Balls. Rather than focusing on the cute factor though, I would make sure that the diameter of the Tea Ball is at least 2.5 inches. This will ensure the very best conditions for your delicate Tea Leaves.

You can definitely see the difference in this photograph. Your Tea Leaves will unfortunately get, as I like to say in the most technical terms, "smushed" in the smaller Tea Ball. Aromatic and flavorful Tea does not come from "smushed" leaves. Why? Because most of the leaves on the inside of the tiny Tea Ball are not even making contact with water. 

It does come to mind that typically some of the lightest and fluffiest Tea Leaves are in the White Teas category. To learn more about the amazing health benefits of White Teas click here. These Teas especially will benefit from using a larger Tea Ball. They are the top most leaves and buds plucked from Tea Bush and need extra loving care.

Here endeth today's lesson on Tea Balls. They are truly a superb addition to your collection of Tea Accessories as long as it's not cramping your style or even worse, your Tea Leaves.