How YOU can enjoy drinking tea ALL day

That very first cup in the morning is the most important. It comes before breakfast, the newspaper and even letting my dog out. My morning tea is always an Assam black blend of some kind. Assam tea leaves produce a stronger cup that can support a splash of milk and even a bit of honey. I look forward to that full mouth feel and robust taste. I lean against the counter, breathe in the malty, fresh aroma, take my first sip and my day has officially started.

As I move into mid morning I stay with black tea, but now I'm more likely to choose a Ceylon Black because the flavor although still bold, has hints of citrus, spice and sometimes honey. Ceylon tea leaves are often blended with cinnamon and fruit for this reason. I won't add milk this time, just a tiny pinch of raw sugar.

After lunch when I'm wanting my afternoon lift, I will switch to a green or white tea. I always feel like I'm doing my body a good deed when I drink green tea. Since all true teas come from the same plant, Camellia Sinensis, the health benefits are similar no matter what kind you drink. The antioxidants are a bit more concentrated in green teas however, because of how the leaves are processed. Therefore drinking green or white tea in the afternoon is great way to stay ahead of the upcoming flu season or that persistent tickle in the back of your throat.

As evening approaches and I'm ready to start winding down, I switch to herbal tisanes. These are infusions made from other types of plants and in most cases are naturally without caffeine. Chamomile blends come to mind of course, but they are not the only possibilities. Rooibos, Honeybush and Peppermint tisanes are also relaxing and help to aid digestion. Any of these evening brews will help to bring your day to a peaceful close.

Hopefully this snapshot into a day in the life of a twenty four hour tea totaller will help newcomers to the tea world to branch out and sample other new and exciting tea types throughout the day. For those of you that are already tea savvy, I'm sure your day looks much like mine.

What types of teas do you enjoy drinking throughout your day?

This article was first published on on August 10, 2018.