How to Make Brewing Loose Leaf Tea Easy for Everyone

When you are trying to make the change from Tea Bags to the Loose Leaf Teas it can be a little overwhelming. Questions I often hear are... What do I do? What do I need? How long does it take?

By the way, making this transition is one you will never regret I promise you. The difference in quality, aroma, flavor and health benefits is truly astounding. In fact, one of the reasons I started my Tea Business is because I want to show people how truly remarkable the differences can be. 

That being said, there are a few important items that you need to make your Tea properly. 

  1. Infuser: An infuser is simply a device that allows you to separate the Loose Tea Leaves from the water. A good one will have a fine mesh or screen and will allow room for the leaves to unfurl completely. When Loose Tea Leaves are cramped into a tiny space, they are not able to open up and release their potential. Some never even make contact with the water. This makes for a less than stellar cup of Tea.
  2. Tea Kettle: This is the device used to heat water on the stove. There are also electric Tea Kettles that plug into the wall and heat the water quickly and efficiently.  Do not put a Teapot on the stove. They are meant to steep the Tea once water has been added. 
  3. Loose Leaf Tea or Herbal: You will want high quality Loose Leaves that break easily when you pinch them with your fingers. This indicates freshness. 
  4. Water: Tea is 99% water. So use a water that you like to drink to make a Tea that you will love to drink.   

If you are like me, visuals always help...

There are a variety of infusers to choose from with different styles and functionalities. It's truly a matter of personal choice. 

Our Tea Accessories and Essentials are a great place to start. We have infusers to meet all of your needs whether you are a single cupper or a three pot a day Tea Drinker. 

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Happy Sipping,