How to Have Dessert Without Feeling Guilty

You have come to the end of a very long day and you just finished dinner. You look down at your empty plate and think...Hmmm I would love a little something sweet right now. Personally this happens to me almost every evening.

If this sounds like you, don't worry. I have a delicious answer that you can truly feel good about...DESSERT TEAS!

What in the world is a dessert tea you ask? A dessert tea is any tea or herbal that has a natural sweetness and a flavor profile that triggers the same taste receptors as a dessert food.

The beautiful thing about dessert teas is that they come in a variety of tea types. I have listed a few below to get you started:

  • Rooibos Herbals: Rooibos Herbals come from the Rooibos plant which is naturally without caffeine. Light sweet flavor will fill your mouth and quickly satisfy that sweet craving. Two of our most popular Rooibos Herbals are blended with chocolate which makes for an extra tasty treat.
  • Honeybush Herbals: Honeybush is grown in South Africa similar to Rooibos. However, in my opinion, the flavor profile is a bit more complex. It too has a natural sweetness and pairs very nicely with berry fruits and vanilla. This herbal is also naturally caffeine free.
  • Scrumptious Greens: Green Teas can be blended very nicely with mint and chocolate. Our Sinfully Healthy is a shining example . It's hard to imagine a green tea with dessert like flavors, but this tea will not disappoint.
  • Decadent Blacks: Black Teas tend to have the fullest flavors, but they too can be blended with a variety of dessert like ingredients. An excellent example of this is our mouthwatering Pistachio Almond. It truly smells and tastes like a warm almond and pistachio cookie.

You can get creative with the add ins when it comes to dessert teas as well. Some wonderful additions that will "gild the lily" are:

  • a slice of lemon
  • a splash of milk or even half and half (if you dare)
  • a sprinkle of raw sugar
  • a dabble of agave nectar

You may choose any of these tea additions or none at all. It's entirely up to you. I promise that all of these delicious dessert teas can be enjoyed without a single ounce of guilt.

Each type has their own set of health benefits and if you don't add milk or sweetener, they are calorie free!

What is your favorite type of dessert? Which type of dessert tea might make a satisfying replacement?