Five Simple and Effective Strategies to Add a Tea Habit to Your New Year

A brand new year is right around the corner and with it come resolutions for better habits and better health. Some of these can be difficult and hard to keep, but fear not! There is one new lifestyle change that is easy to adopt and even easier to maintain...I give you (please insert drumroll) the tea habit.

Not only is this new part of your routine going to make your body feel better, it will soothe your soul. But where should you begin? Right here of course.

In fact, I’m going to provide you with five simple and effective strategies to add a tea habit to your new year:

  1. Start Fresh: You probably have old pouches or tins of tea sitting on the shelves of your pantry collecting dust. You know... the pouches you received from other people and you are not really sure what is even inside. Get rid of them! First of all, if they have been in your pantry for over a year, the tea inside not fresh. Old tea does not taste very good and loses many of its health attributes through degradation and improper storage. To begin a new tea habit, you need to start with a fresh and delicious tea that you love.
  2. Sample First: It’s never a good idea to invest in a large pouch of tea that you haven’t even tried. Sample, sample, sample! It’s best to stay away from the grocery store brands simply because the logistics trail to get them to the shelf is a long one. Therefore, you are starting with an older product before you even get it home. Online tea companies (like Beleave Teas wink wink) tend to have a quicker turnaround on product replenishment, and in most cases, are dealing with the wholesalers and growers directly. This results in a higher quality tea. After sampling a nice variety and finding a tea that you really enjoy, then you can take the plunge into a larger quantity.
  3. Loose Tea or Sachets: If you are going to go with loose tea, the possibilities are endless and you will be getting the very best of the what the tea world has to offer. If you are going with the convenience of tea sachets, make sure you choose a quality brand that that contain whole leaves and not broken bits.
  4. Get the Proper Gear: Just like anything else, to make a good cup of tea, you need the proper tools. You may have them already, but even if you don’t, it is not an expensive proposition. Click here to see exactly what you need.
  5. Create a Tea Intention: It is very important that you decide upon the purpose of your new tea habit. Is it for...
    1. Improving Health
    2. Losing Weight
    3. Anxiety and Stress Relief
    4. Detoxing
    5. Spending Time with Friends

Knowing your intention will help you stay focused on why you started this new ritual in the first place.

Now that you have your plan of attack, go out there and find that tea… the one that tantalizes your taste buds and tickles your fancy. Once you do, you will be on your way to a lifelong tea habit and an amazing new year!