A Behind the Scenes Look at Tea Sachets...

What in the world is the difference between a Tea Sachet and a Tea Bag? Why is one so much better than the other? Well to start, Tea Sachets contain whole Tea Leaves. This is of the utmost importance. Whole Tea Leaves are the quintessential ideal of what Tea should be comprised. The whole leaves contain the health contributing constituents such as the catechins and theanine as well as the aroma and flavor that make it attractive to our senses. CLICK HERE to grab the details!

tea-sachet-with-black.jpgTea Bags, on the other hand, are in a rapid and continual state of deterioration. If in fact, the tiny broken particles of Tea Leaf bits in the tabag were ever produced from a whole leaf tea with any kind of quality, the essential oils and amino acids would still be much less than those in the original whole leaf because by the time the broken particles in the tea bags go into your mug or cup, they have already spent at least months, if not years, traveling through the warehouse and logistic chain pathetically packaged in a thin pouch of plastic or a flimsy paper box. The biggest enemies of Tea are light and air so you can see why this is a problem.

In addition, you are actually getting more for your money when purchasing Tea Sachets in lieu of the dreaded Tea Bags. Whole leaf Teas can demand a much better price, so no producer is going to chop up the good stuff and put it in a bag. Therefore, the contents of the Tea Bags come from the lower quality leaves. Moreover the majority of beneficial botanicals are lost in the process of chopping the whole leaves into smaller particles.

Finally, Tea Bags are designed to instantly infuse into the hot water that they are submerged in. It only takes seconds for the water to darken and fill with the sharper tannins that escape from the leaf bits. The Tea Bag is usually left to steep too long and makes a strong and bitter cup of Tea.


Tea Sachets are large and give the space needed for the whole leaves to unfurl completely and release all of their goodness. These "Pyramids of Excellence" are kept in air tight tins to preserve their freshness for many months. Our pyramid sachets are made of corn starch material and are bio degradable. The tag and string is attached to the Sachet by an ultrasonic sealing process. So is the sealing of the bag itself. Consequently our Tea Sachets contain no glue or staples like a conventional tea bag.


In the world of Tea, wholes leaves are desired most. Whether you use the very best Loose Leaves and an infuser or a Tea Sachet containing the highest quality Loose Tea Leaves, I think you will agree that it is definitely time to Bag the Bag.