9 Creative Ways to Reuse Those Loose Tea Leaves

So you've just made a pot of delicious loose leaf tea, maybe two and now you have the spent, yet still aromatic, tea leaves to clean out of your infuser.

You could just dump them in the trash, but WAIT! Don't do that! Did you know that these wondrous leaves can be repurposed in myriad of ways?

In fact, I am going to share with you, 9 very creative ways to reuse your spent tea leaves so you really get a bang for your buck.

  1. Freshen up your disposal: Grind up a tablespoon or two of those tea leaves in your disposal and enjoy the fresh,clean scent that follows. Use smaller black tea leaves instead of oolong to prevent clogging.
  2. Add nutrients to your compost pile: Loose tea leaves are a fantastic addition to any compost pile. Not only do they improve the odor, they help to create a very rich soil.
  3. Ease a sunburn: Now I know this may sound crazy, but speaking from personal experience, I can truly say that damp tea leaves wrapped in a cloth, or allowed to soak in cool water can be very soothing for a sunburn. The tannins found in tea help to cool and repair the skin.
  4. Cleanse your hands: Rubbing your hands with wet green tea leaves can eliminate hard to get rid of odors that garlic and onions leave behind.
  5. Eradicate pet odors: Sprinkle dried tea leaves on your pet's bed, in the doghouse or in the cat box and smell the difference.
  6. Renew your refrigerator: Place an open bowl of tea leaves in your fridge and they will absorb odors just like baking soda does. By the way, this is the very reason that you don't store tea in your fridge. Instead, keep it in a sealed container in your pantry or cupboard.
  7. Enliven a room in your home: Sprinkle some loose tea leaves around the base of a candle that you are burning.(Use a tea that has an aroma you enjoy) The warmth will transfer to the leaves and release their aroma into the air.
  8. Fertilize: Throw a handful of your loose tea leaves underneath your acid-loving plants and they will love you for it.
  9. Take away the puffiness: This is an oldie but a goodie. I know that you have probably heard the tip about teabags helping relieve puffy eyes. Well you can do the same thing with loose leaves. Just put some in a paper towel, dampen it and viola...instant eye treatment. Once again it's the tannins in the tea leaves that help to reduce inflammation.

Those amazing tea leaves of yours have yielded not only a delectable cup of tea but many other helpful surprises as well.