12 Ways to Celebrate National Hot Tea Month

January is the month that we get to start anew. Mentally and physically we prepare for a fresh new year. Conveniently, it also happens to be designated National Hot Tea Month. What a perfect time to rekindle your love of hot tea and it's many delights.

Whether you are drinking tea for the mind, body, soul or all three like me, here are 12 ways you can celebrate National Hot Tea Month this January.

  1. Learn the proper steeping times and temperatures for your Teas or Herbals. This will make all the difference in taste and aroma. Remember that our handy brew chart is on the back of all our tins and pouches.
  2. Bag the Bag. Learn why full leaf tea always wins out over the broken bits found in tea bags.
  3. Use the right equipment. Having a quality Tea Infuser that allows your tea leaves to expand and release their goodness is essential to making the very best brew.
  4. Use quality water. Tea is 99% water so use one that tastes great.  
  5. Boost your immunity. This time of year can be hard on our immune system due to weather or post holiday fatigue. Explore new immune boosting teas to help jumpstart your system.
  6. Try some seasonal favorites. Enjoy the flavorful and spicy teas blended especially for this time of year.
  7. Store your tea properly. (Never put your tea in the refrigerator.) Light and air are the biggest enemies of tea. Keep it stored in an airtight tin or pouch that keeps out the light and you can expect to keep a fresh high quality tea for up to two years. Of course, if you are like me, it never lasts that long.
  8. Find new teas to love. Explore different tea flavor profiles with tea samplers or a tea of the month club.
  9. Nurture yourself and try some relaxing herbal teas. Herbal tisanes are naturally without caffeine and can be enjoyed any time of day. 
  10. Try some healthy teas that are good for you and increase your productivity. For instance Dark Teas go through a fermenting step and thus acquire probiotic characteristics that are beneficial to the digestive tract. 
  11. Cook with tea. Teas leaves can add really unique flavors to a variety of recipes.
  12. Try some tea variations. Create tea infused cocktails for a fun and interesting twist on tea.

Now get out there and make 2018 TEAriffic!