About Us


Hello there! I am Shawn Geitner and I am the founder and owner of Beleave Teas.

We are here to make your life simpler if and only if you are: 

  • A person that wants to give Tea a try but doesn't know where to begin.
  • A person that loves Tea and wants a great place to get if from.
  • A person trying to make the change from coffee to Tea because you have been hearing all the good stuff about Tea in the news.
  • A person that wants to add Tea to their life for a healthier lifestyle because let's face it, Tea is jampacked with healthy stuff.

Now if you are in one of the above categories, read on...

We at Beleave Teas are extremely passionate about making Tea easy and fun for you. When I first started back in 2007, I realized that many people only thought of Tea as a bitter, medicinal and sometimes scary drink that comes in a bag and you only reach for it when you are sick. This had to change.

We Beleave you should be drinking a Tea that you love every day. You should have at your fingertips a Tea Store that will provide: 

  • Easy to understand information about Tea from a Certified Tea Sommelier.
  • A Premium selection of Teas and Herbals and all the needed accessories.
  • The very best customer service. (There is actually a person to answer your questions and provide help)

Why? Because once you get hooked, you will feel better in your body and in your soul. Tea really does that!

Here at Beleave Teas, you'll find an excitement and love for Tea that will spread like the wings of a bird and soar!

We'd love to see more of you, so please do enter your name and email address below so we can send you little love notes and super exclusive specials.

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